2014: A Whirlwind Year

Sometimes a year passes and you don’t know where the time went. At other times, you know exactly how you spent the time; you’re just a little unsure how you managed to pack so much into 12 measly months. That’s how 2014 went down at CBE.

By year end we will have nearly doubled the size of the organization, reaching 1,650 employees.

In doing so, we opened two new facilities and acquired a third, all in different states. The first new facility to open was expanded within a matter of months. We operated at a breakneck pace to open the second center, taking a mere 28 days despite the location being 1,084 miles away from corporate headquarters. The acquired site brought on board 130 employees and required migration of the systems necessary to join the CBE family.

That type of growth can’t happen without great people. That’s why we’ve committed to identify and cultivate leadership talent. This year CBE implemented a new performance review process with an emphasis on nine-box plotting to identify future leaders. Those efforts proved both meaningful and necessary as CBE promoted 84 employees into management positions.

In addition to growing the core business, we launched LocateSmarter, a game changing batch skip trace application. This entry into Software As A Service has drawn phenomenal interest in the accounts receivable management industry with good reason: It solves a core business problem. The future is bright for LocateSmarter.

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, 2014 marked the addition of a new dialer system and migrating many clients to new collection systems. We’ve taken our marketing global and consolidated our brand under one umbrella, CBE Companies.

Lifes Fast

We’ve been devoting a great deal of attention to shaping 2015, but it’s important to reflect as we prepare to change out that calendar. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it*. When YOU think about your 2014, what comes to mind?

* Courtesy of Ferris Bueller


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