Keeping Score…Does it Matter?

Recently, our colleague, Curt Martin, wrote about the parallels of the Kansas City Royals and CBE (We’re Like the Royals). One of the takeaways from that article is how all of it builds together to create a winning solution. I would be willing to bet that each member of the Kansas City Royals, and even here at CBE, agrees with the immortal words of Billy Beane, that no one cares unless you win the last game of the season.

In partnerships with clients, vendors, institutions or even friends, the partnership, itself, is at the center of value creation. The partnership has many moving parts and is solidified in so many different ways in order to achieve one driving point … to win!! How does one know when you win? By keeping score.

At CBE we use a football theme (with a headquarters in Iowa, we have to play on the Big 10) to track, measure and score our progression of our prospective clients from the initial conversation to implementation. The partnership is developed along the way and everyone recognizes the value CBE brings to the table — that is an enabler of creating a win for their overall enterprise.

Even Stephen Covey talks about it in his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People … think win-win. We live this culture every day and we know the collective “we” wins because of the scores of our clients and our individual scores. There are many ways to acknowledge progression, but don’t they all come down to score? Level of knowledge = grades; a running back’s ability to better see the hole in the line = yards before contact; a golfer’s ability to win = strokes gained putting; an agency’s ability to provide value = dollars collected … they are all scores. To bottom line it … if we want to see value creation, keep “score” on the key metrics and follow the progression forward. As the value is generated, in any form, it will indicate the wins … based on the score.


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