Outstanding Customer Service

What is outstanding customer service? Here’s what I’ve learned from my research: It differs for every person. That’s why it’s really hard to nail down. It’s why a lot of call centers use scripts; if you just say this, and if they respond with that then you say this. When you drive up to a bank or a restaurant and you are greeted with “It’s a great day at____” … remember how Charlie Brown’s teacher sounded on the Peanuts cartoon … waa waa waa waa. It’s why restaurants like Ed Debevic’s are so popular. The wait staff actually gets to say the things they are thinking and it’s usually not pretty!   The same goes for comedians. We like it, though, because it’s likely true and definitely authentic and real.

I’m at my best when I play to my strengths. Here’s an opportune time for a shout out to Gallup’s Strengthsfinder, it’s been quite the game changer for me personally and professionally. I highly, highly, highly recommend it. It’s huge, big, big big.

Outstanding customer service in my opinion is when you marry authenticity with how you are wired (strengths) and you are doing something that leaves you feeling strong. Nothing can beat that combination.

I think a hope lives in each one of us that we will be understood, cared about and that we can have our needs/goals met.   That goes for the giver and the receiver.


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