We’re like the Royals

The Kansas City Royals’ loss to the San Francisco Giants in game 7 is a small detail when you consider that this was the first World Series the Royals competed in since 1985. Their participation in the 2014 Series broke one of the longest post-season droughts during baseball’s current expanded wild card era. In the 14 years that I have lived in the KC area, this is the first time I’ve seen the entire city rallying around the hometown team.

The Royals success in the baseball world has some strong parallels to CBE Companies’ success in the call center operations.

Relevancy – With this newfound success, the Royals’ relevancy is at an all-time high. Royals’ merchandise sales jumped 40% from September 2013 to September 2014. CBE has been offering first party collections services for more than a year now and we’re winning at it. Our partnership engagement model, speed to ramp and cultural immersion process are making us a relevant player in the game.

Speed – The Royals are fast. Quickness was a key to the team’s eight-game postseason winning streak and it made them (almost) unstoppable in the World Series. Kansas City excels at getting runners on base and executing their small ball game strategy. CBE is quick too – from putting up a site in just 28 days – to ramping in 45 days when the expectation was 90 days, we are hustling and achieving great wins. Our partners are rallying behind us, expanding their business with us and encouraging their colleagues to check us out.

Teamwork – The Royal’s GM, Dayton Moore, has built the team’s strategy with the belief that everyone’s success is tied together. We’re doing just that at CBE in our first party operations. It starts with our approach to communication and transparency with our partners and extends through every department that affects the success of the partnership. CBE’s Operations and Organizational Development group team up to ensure that our partner’s culture extends to the CBE production floor. Recruiting understands the characteristics in new hires that will drive performance and recruit accordingly. Each department knows the role they play to make the business successful.


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