How to Keep Employees Engaged – Unite by Giving Back

Happy United Way Month!

October is a big month at CBE. Whether our employees are dressing up in the 50’s era, throwing darts to win a PTO day, carving pumpkins, eating pancakes, funnel cakes or enjoying a baked potato bar, everyone knows October is full of fun and food … for a cause.

Our collective cause as an organization in October is United Way. Last year our employees came together and donated over $80,000. This year they pledged to top last year’s total, as they do every year.

I have the privilege of gathering a team of co-chairs for each of our site locations to lead the campaign each October. It has become a mini recruiting project – as new hires come on board, we always keep an eye out for potential co-chairs.


The co-chair opportunity is a great way for employees to get to know colleagues outside of their respective area, gain leadership experience and exposure and contribute to a good cause all at the same time. The co-chairs lead a larger committee that helps plan events and fundraisers for the month, all on company time.

Why do we do this every year?  Besides being the right thing to do and a big part of CBE’s Core Values:

  • We know our employees enjoy the campaign.
  • Our quarterly employee engagement survey validates that giving back matters.
  • Given the same position at two different companies, employees tell us they are more engaged at a company that gives the opportunity to make a difference and provide to a greater cause.
  • Happy employees = happy customers, and in this case, happy communities!

And all of that matters to us.


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