Win-Win (and More Win) Partnerships

We operate in Business to Business, so when it comes to customer service, we’re first and foremost speaking of client companies, since it is their customers we serve.

Success in any form of B2B work comes by knowing your client. Getting inside the head of the client means we can know their customers better and, in the end, make both companies stronger.

In our realm of Business Process Outsourcing, we’re hired because we have specific value to our client. That value can come in the form of a better process, lower cost, less risk or more flexibility. Hopefully the client can derive value from several of those factors.

For us to help a client meet those objectives, we need a thorough understanding of the client business and existing business process.

It’s inherent for us to get a window inside the client business to be able to give the best service. In an optimal situation, we enter a true partnership where there’s communication up and down the structure, from the executive suite to supervisor.

Ideas should be designed, shared and refined on both sides. Process improvement should be a two-way street. An excellent cultural fit between the two companies will reduce miscommunication, add efficiency and reduce turnover.

Chad_Post Graphic2

At CBE, we strive for the win-win. We want to succeed and we do so through the success of our clients. In reality, we really should be thinking win-win-win. If the end customer has a winning experience, it benefits the client. If the client wins based on a great customer experience, we win.

B2B partnerships are not a zero sum game. A rising tide raises all ships.

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