The Power of E

Working in a Call Center in the Philippines is remarkable for many reasons. One reason being that many of the employees in the BPO industry get the opportunity to polish their English skills through constant practice. Our Philippines-based CBE Companies office came up with a brilliant idea to make English language very fun and at the same time nurture an environment of learning.

In September 2014, CBE’s Philippines office launched the “Power of E” campaign. The main objective of this campaign is to build camaraderie among colleagues and have fun while speaking in English.  Associates/Supervisors and the Management Team are required to speak the international language while inside the company premises. They are prohibited to speak their native dialect if they are on call or inside the production floor. The “Power of E” campaign was launched to enhance the communications skills of all employees.

Each and every team created a unique hat as part of the campaign. It had to be wearable and have a unique design. Anyone that is overheard speaking in vernacular (not English) will wear the hat for their shift.

The main goal of this campaign is to enjoy your time at work while also driving for continuous improvement through developing one’s English skills. It is to set an example of a quality call center established here in the Philippines.

Undoubtedly, Philippines-based CBE Companies employees have strong communication skills because of their passion to learn and to continue growing. This has become a competitive and fun team building exercise.


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