Pro Customer Experience Tips for Twitter: How Twitter is Supposed to Work

I recently took a jam-packed mini summer vacation to Minneapolis with my family. While I enjoy the thrills, smells, heat and exhaustion of amusement park fun at Valley Fair, my ideal vacation relaxing… in the form of shopping. No sales tax on clothing in Minnesota means I stroll from store to store!
Now, my unnamed family members (ages 10 and 5) do not find shopping relaxing. Unless, of course, there is an amusement park inside. (So easy to find, right?!) Huh, there happens to be a mall like that in Minneapolis! A believer in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I immediately found a win-win. We all go to Mall of America. They get to visit the amusement park, and I get to shop. Fair? I thought so!
Unfortunately for me, they got their win and I had to wait for mine. I needed some caffeine to make it through. I’m a pop drinker (that’s how we say “soda” here in Iowa) who DOES NOT like Pepsi. AT ALL. Apparently Pepsi is the pop of choice at Mall of America. Even McDonald’s serves Pepsi. Have you ever been to a McDonald’s that serves Pepsi? I thought that was against the law.
In a state of despair, I tweeted this:

Pro Customer Experience Tips for Twitter_Tweet1

I wasn’t expecting a response. It was just me sharing pieces of myself and experiences online. (Not unlike many of YOUR customers, really.)
To my surprise, exactly 22 minutes later, I got this from my new friends:

Pro Customer Experience Tips for Twitter_Tweet2

In one moment, Mall of America had me forever. They cared enough to tell me where I could find a Diet Coke! They listened to me! Instant day-maker!
After the first ice cold sip of my Diet Coke, I needed to give Mall of America the kuds they deserved – even before I began shopping:

Pro Customer Experience Tips for Twitter_Tweet3

And that is how Twitter is supposed to work to serve customers. It is truly the little things that make all the difference in a customer’s experience with your brand. Pay attention and care. Always be helping. Come from where they are. They are noticing… and will be loyal brand ambassadors when their experience exceeds their expectations. I’ll be making another trip to Mall of America for back to school shopping… and I know just where to get my Diet Coke when I walk in the door!

Now – had they hand-delivered me a diet coke – I wouldn’t even know what to say. Think about it. You have the ability to make your customers speechless.


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