10 Things We’ve Learned in Launching a Corporate B2B Blog

Well, we did it. We finally launched this blog. I don’t know whether to jump up and down, laugh, cry, sing zip-a-dee-doo-dah… or a combination of all of the above.

It’s been a long time coming, but that doesn’t matter today. What matters today is that here we are, talking to you. We want to hear from you, learn from you and provide you every bit of information and insight in your business and professional life you’ve been waiting for! (Because we just KNOW you’ve been waiting for us to launch this blog.)

CBE Companies has grown and continues to evolve as an enterprise. More business units, more product offerings, more brands, more clients… just how do we serve everyone? One blog? Multiple blogs? No blogs? We’ve done our best to answer that question in a way that fits us best… but we learned just a few things along the way…or 10 things because lists rock:

1. It takes a little while to turn a large vessel.

The word “blog” was on our list of initiatives in 2010. Between priorities, capabilities, related initiatives, putting first-things-first, and weighing risk and reward, there were reasons we didn’t have a blog then and we do now. Some things are worth waiting for!

2. Marketing likes WordPress.com because of its features, usability and flexibility.
Let’s not over-complicate or over-analyze something as simple as a blog, right?

3. IT likes Drupal because of its security.
In our business, security is king. ANYTHING that jeopardizes our security is out of question for very good reasons. Unfortunately, marketing people aren’t programmers and therefore Drupal was out of the question (according to many blogging experts, anyway).

4. So…host externally and everyone is happy!
No network risk. No need for IT resources. Marketing gets a blog (finally)!

5. Crawl, walk, run. (We are currently crawling, by the way)
We know that starting with something good is better than holding onto something amazing for months, or years. Yet the natural crawl, walk, run progression is the hardest thing to accept in a world where tips and examples for creating the best blog ever are around every corner on planet Google. Unfortunately, you can’t do it all right now.

6. If you build it (topic calendar), they (subject matter experts) will come (create content)!
We have brilliance in the minds of subject matter experts but writing a blog can sound daunting and even a little scary. Creating a topic calendar and showing example posts helps everyone organize thoughts and get comfortable creating useful, relevant content for our readers.

7. Think like a teacher – always be helping.
If you aren’t writing to HELP a reader in some way, what’s the point? (Now you think like a student – raise your hand and let us know what you need help with!)

8. No one cares about us.
Blogs aren’t sales pitches. They are resources. People will go to the about us page if they decide to care about us.

9. Keep it REAL, ya’ll.
Every one of our subject matter experts are living breathing humans. Let’s not pretend we are perfect robots that know everything, need nothing, work always and fail never.

10. Patience is a virtue. Still.
We might walk in 2015 and run in 2016. And that’s OK.


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